I guess, everyone of us knows the feeling of beeing alone on the world with his inclination. You ask yourself, why do only I have this strange kind of inclination? Some time you discover the internet and you recognize, that you are not alone at all! There is a lot of people sharing this inclination

Everyone has expirienced that. And everyone, who got that far to discover this site has recognized, that it is actually not that abnorm, perverted, or what else they might call it.

 Well, wetlook is a wide subject: There are people (I am talking of both genders), who just like to get their clothes wet. Some like more taking a bath - some prefer taking a shower. Some get wet in their casual wear and some of them even ”put on the ritz”. Let’s talk about those who go swimming in casual clothes. There are those who like to do it in public. And we can devide them into the ”walkers” and the “jumpers”, the “get-wets” and the “stay-wets”.

The walkers enjoy getting wet slowly and the jumpers like to get wet suddenly, unexpected and undeserved. The stay-wets leave their clothes on and let them dry while wearing them.

 Another way of getting wet - and that shall not remain unmentioned - is to pee ones pants. That might appear a little strange, but it’s more common than you guess. Scientists suppose, that most of them had been peeing themselfes in childhood age or even as adults. They peed their bed because they could not ( or did not want to ) control their bladder.

 In most cases the inclination has got t do with a sexual attraction; futheron with the appeal of the forbidden. Who got not told by his parents, not to get ones clothes wet?

 Anyway - be asure that you’re not alone. There are a lot of people, who share your inlination and it’s relatively easy to improve contacts on the internet. But newcommers should be warned: There are a lot of websites that want to take advantage of you. So, don’t sign up at websites that take a high charge.

translated by Robbi

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